In-person evaluation is necessary to determine individual strengths and weaknesses and to customize intervention planning and treatment outcomes to match specific needs. In-depth interviewing, standardized testing, and clinical observation is provided with this service. Findings are synthesized and presented via a comprehensive written report. Fees are calculated based on the amount of testing needed and the level of interpretation and time required to synthesize results.

Initial executive functioning and occupational therapy evaluations take approximately 2 hours. If your child or adolescent cannot tolerate a 2-hour testing block this initial assessment can be scheduled over multiple days until testing can be completed.

If there was recent psychoeducational, neuropsychological, or occupational therapy testing completed, the initial evaluation testing can often be abbreviated and completed in 1 to 1.5 hours' time at a reduced rate.

One-On-One Coaching, Therapy, and Family Support

In-person coaching and therapy is provided in 50-minute time frames; consultation with parents or guardians occurs during each session (first or last 10 minutes, whichever is most appropriate for individual circumstances). Sometimes it is necessary to schedule a separate phone consult with parents to discuss progress without the child or adolescent present. Services are charged at an hourly base rate.

School Observation

Clinical observation services within your child’s school environment are available. This is highly recommended if dysfunction is occurring in the classroom. If at all possible, the school observation should be scheduled prior to meeting your child at the office for the initial evaluation as to allow for the observation of reported behaviors without the child knowing he/she is being watched. If anonymity is not possible, Kim will be sure to discuss any upcoming visits with your child to determine the best way to reduce any anxieties and/or fears of being observed in front of peers. Services are charged at an hourly base rate; additional compensation may be required for excessive travel distances.


Onsite and phone consultation, coaching, and support services are available for teachers, tutors, and any other caregivers that are supporting your child or adolescent. Services are charged at an hourly base rate.

Telehealth for High School and College Students

Adolescent, young adult, and adult coaching and support is available via text, phone, Skype, and FaceTime and can be provided in 5, 15, 30, 45-minute, and 1-hour increments. A minimum of 5 to 15-minute check-ins weekly are recommended for students studying away from home to best help keep them on-target with treatment plans and meeting desired goals. Services are charged at an hourly base rate.

Kripalu Yoga and Mindfulness Support

In-person Kripalu yoga instruction and mindfulness parenting coaching and support are provided in 30 to 60-minute time frames. Whenever possible, it is recommended that both parents be in attendance together. Services are charged at an hourly base rate.

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